Sore Heels, Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs

Sore heels are the most frequent complaint we treat at Showgrounds Village Podiatry. Sore heels can be caused by plantar fasciitis and an associated heel spur. We can help keep you on the move and enjoying life without heel pain.
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Heel pain is a common problem we treat at Showgrounds Village Podiatry. There are many different reasons that you may be suffering from heel pain, including plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.

If you are suffering from heel pain, it is important to see a Podiatrist to ensure that your heel pain is diagnosed correctly so effective treatment can be provided. Podiatrists are trained to treat conditions of the foot and ankle and will therefore be able to diagnose your condition and suggest treatment options.



Plantar fasciitis is an irritation of the plantar fascia, a tendon like structure that runs from the underside of the heel to the ball of the foot.  If this condition is present, pain is worse first thing in the morning, after periods of sitting or non-weight bearing activities, or after physical activity. Plantar fasciitis is usually caused by an underlying biomechanical issue.  Plantar fasciitis is an over use condition that arises from increased strain (tensile force) on the plantar fascia causing a disarray of collagen fibres.  This results in pain at the insertion point of the plantar fascia at the heel and along the arch of the foot.


Heel spurs are a bony hook like growth to the underside of the heel bone, they are often associated with plantar fasciitis.  The spur itself is rarely the cause of the pain but inflammation surrounding the spur is.

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To ensure effective treatment for sore heels it is important that your podiatrist makes an accurate diagnosis.  Heel pain can arise from many different conditions other than plantar fasciitis or a heel spur.  These include bone fractures, fat pad syndrome, bruising, bursitis, abductor hallucis muscle strain, tarsal tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapments, neuromas and arthritis to name a few.


At Showgrounds Village Podiatry all of our patients that have heel pain have a thorough assessment of their condition, general state of health, lifestyle and activity. This allows us make an accurate diagnosis and have an understanding of what may be causing your heel pain. Having an understanding of your lifestyle will also help us recommend the most appropriate treatment options that will work for you.

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We offer different treatment options to treat heel pain or a combination of the following treatments:

  • Ice packs
  • Shoe advise
  • Orthotic therapy (insole or arch supports) to address any underlying biomechanical issues
  • Strapping tape to support the arch and reduce the tensile force of the plantar fascia
  • Foot mobilisation techniques to help restore normal joint range of motion to restricted and tight joints within the foot and ankle
  • Stretching and strengthening exercise programs that our patients can perform at home
  • Dry needling (similar to acupuncture) to treat muscle tension
  • Ultra-sound Cortisone injection in more severe cases to reduce inflammation and pain


At Showgrounds Village Podiatry, we always deliver a personalised service to ensure we meet the needs of each patient.   Whether it is prescribing custom orthotics, treating musculoskeletal conditions or running injuries, your treatment plan will be individualised for you.

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Showgrounds Village Podiatry is committed to delivering high quality podiatry health care to our patients.  Our podiatrists achieve the best results by working with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs and allows you to get back to living your life the way you want. Flemington podiatry (foot clinic) within a short distance of Moonee Ponds

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