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Diagnosing and providing treatment for ankle pain to get you back on the move


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There are many causes of ankle pain such as reoccurring ankle sprains, joint stiffness, tendonitis, trauma or arthritis. If you are suffering with ankle pain, it is important to see a Podiatrist. Podiatrists are trained to treat conditions of the foot and ankle and will therefore be able to diagnose your condition and suggest treatment options.

Identifying and correctly diagnosing the cause of your ankle pain is curial for being able to provide effective treatment that allows you to get back to enjoying being active.

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  • Ankle sprains will cause pain at the time of the injury. However, frequent and reoccurring ankle sprains can cause the ankle to be weak and unstable which will result in consistent aching within the ankle.
  • Flat feet are prone to medial (inside) ankle pain due to excessive stress on the Tibialis Posterior tendon that supports the arch of your foot.
  • Hypermobility, being excessively flexible.
  • Feet with high arches are prone to lateral ankle pain caused by ankle sprains.
  • Tendonitis (tendon inflammation) or tendinopathy (tendon inflammation or degeneration) of the muscles and tendons that pass over or around the ankle such as the Peroneals, Tibialis Anterior, Tibialis Posterior and Achilles tendon can result in ankle pain.
  • Sinus Tarsi Syndrome which usually causes lateral (outside) ankle pain.
  • Talar dome lesions which is damage to the cartilage within the ankle can cause a swelling and deep ache within the ankle joint
  • Arthritis causes the smooth cartilage within the joint to become worn out. This can cause the ankle to feel stiff and painful to move especially in the morning
  • Traumatic injuries such as sprained or twisted ankles can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments that support the ankle joint as well as damage to the cartilage within the joint, all resulting in ankle pain.


Our Podiatrist’s frequently treat ankle pain and use a combination of the following treatments, however treatment options will vary depending on the cause of the pain:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Ensuring that you are wearing the right shoes for your foot type
  • Footwear advice
  • Orthotics to support the alignment of the foot and ankle using our highly accurate Delcam 3D scanner
  • CAM Walker Boots may be used for a short period of time to immobilise the ankle and reduce inflammation
  • Foot and ankle mobilisation techniques to restore joint range of motion
  • Massage and dry needling to treat muscle pain
  • Supportive ankle braces
  • Ultra-sound guided cortisone injection in more severe cases to reduce inflammation and pain when conservative therapy options have been exhausted
  • Surgery when conservative care has been unable to achieve the desired outcome


Showgrounds Village Podiatry’s skilled podiatrists can help keep you on the move, enjoying life, and performing at your best. Our podiatrists can provide you with the best solution to overcome pain that may be caused from sore heels, knee injuries, heel spurs, ankle pain, shin splints, bunions, sore archers, hammer toes, ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, corns and calluses.

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Showgrounds Village Podiatry is committed to delivering high quality podiatry health care to our patients.  Our podiatrists achieve the best results by working with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs and allows you to get back to living your life the way you want. Flemington podiatry (foot clinic) within a short distance of Moonee Ponds

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