Hard and Uncomfortable Orthotics?

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Orthotics

Do your orthotics feel hard or uncomfortable?

Orthotics when they are appropriately prescribed and designed by a skilled Podiatrist should feel comfortable.

One of the unfortunate frustrations I often face is patients who have had orthotics that were incorrectly designed for their foot, their personal requirements such as the sport they play, and the condition being treated.  Not everyone requires orthotics, and not everyone with flat feet requires an orthotic.  If you do have a condition (pathology) such as a tendonitis (inflammation of a tendon) that is caused by the tendon being mechanically stressed beyond its physiological limits that it becomes injured then orthotics will be beneficial.  Orthotics work by reducing the forces and the mechanical stress placed on structures such as muscles and tendons in the foot and lower limb so that they may heal and become painless once again.

Orthotics can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful to wear if they have been designed incorrectly for your foot.

Does it feel like tennis balls?

People will often complain that their orthotic feels hard or that they feel like they are standing with tennis balls under their feet.  This has very little to do with the material that the orthotic is manufactured out of.  It is to do with the orthotic applying too much pressure in the wrong area of the foot making it uncomfortable.  If an orthotic has an arch built into it that is too high for the person’s foot to tolerate the orthotic will feel hard.  When an orthotic contours nicely to the arch of the foot and applies the right amount of pressure in the right position on the foot the orthotic will feel comfortable.  Having the knowledge and skills required to do this successfully requires a person to be highly trained in biomechanics (the