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Orthotics designed specifically for your feet by a Podiatrist should feel comfortable!


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If you are suffering from sore heels, feet, ankles or knees, then orthotics maybe the solution to your pain.

Orthotics are insoles that are worn in your shoes to help support the alignment of feet, ankle, knees and hips. Orthotics can be designed to reduce mechanical stresses that cause injuries, pain and dysfunction. They may also be used to redistribute the pressure on your feet while you are standing to improve your general comfort or to reduce the build up of hard skin and calluses.

Orthotics have been used to successfully treat and manage many different issues such as:

  • Foot, ankle and lower limb musculoskeletal overuse injuries
  • Heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis or a heel spur
  • Arch pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Shin splints
  • Foot Arthritis
  • Knee pain conditions such as patellofemoral joint syndrome
  • Ankle pain

We offer a range of medical grade, high quality prescription orthotic options to suit your needs and keep you on the move.

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Prefabricated Orthotics

We stock several different options of medical grade prefabricated orthotics that fit most people’s feet. Prefabricated orthotics are premade and offer good support to the foot and lower limb and have the advantage of being more economical than a custom orthotic making them a great option for many children who will outgrow their orthotics before they become worn out.

Semi-Custom Orthotics

Semi-custom orthotics are for people who require more support than can be provided with a prefabricated orthotic or would like to have an orthotic that is more slim line and can fit into a great variety of shoes. A semi-custom orthotic is designed from a tracing of your foot and is made from the same high quality materials that are used for custom orthotics.

Custom Designed Orthotics

Custom designed orthotics offer a superior fit, support and comfort for your foot. They are designed specifically for you from a 3D digital image of your foot captured using our highly accurate Delcam iQube 3D foot scanner.

Providing custom designed orthotics to our patients allows us to be confident that we are providing our patients with the best orthotics that are comfortable and meet their specific needs to keep them on the move.

How are our custom orthotics made?

At Showgrounds Village Podiatry we provide high quality custom designed orthotics. We use the highly accurate Delcam iQube 3D foot scanner, which allows us to capture a digital 3D image of your foot.

Once we have captured a 3D image of your foot we then design a custom orthotic for you that matches your foot and your particular condition. We take into account the activities you plan to wear your orthotics for, whether they are for standing all day on your feet, running, playing sport, keeping fit or keeping up with your grandchildren. All of these variables are factored into the design phase. We also design your orthotic based on the shoes you plan to wear your orthotics in.

Once our Podiatrist has completed your custom designed orthotics based on your 3D foot imaging, biomechanical assessment and gait analysis we then work with one of Australia’s leading orthotic laboratory to direct mill your orthotics out of either EVA (a high density foam) or polypropylene (a thermo plastic material).

Direct milling of your orthotics allows us to create a strong durable orthotic. Once your orthotic has been direct milled it is then scanned with a laser scanner at the laboratory to ensure its geometry accurately matches our design.

Orthotics for Running and Sports Activities

We frequently work with runners and sports people of all levels to help them recover from injuries and achieve better performance.

Orthotic requirements are different for running and sport than compared to day-to-day wearing. This is due to the biomechanics of walking and running being very different. For running and sports you will most likely require an orthotic that provides your body with extra support compared to when walking as the forces going though your feet during running and jumping are greater.

Your sports orthotic may also require greater shock absorption whereas an orthotic used for walking may be more supportive and offer more cushioning.

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Ensuring your orthotics are individually designed to meet your needs.

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Showgrounds Village Podiatry is committed to delivering high quality podiatry health care to our patients.  Our podiatrists achieve the best results by working with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs and allows you to get back to living your life the way you want. Flemington podiatry (foot clinic) within a short distance of Moonee Ponds

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