Orthotics FAQ

Are orthotics comfortable?
Yes, if your orthotics have been designed specifically to your feet then they should be comfortable to wear.
Why do some orthotics feel hard?

An orthotic may feel hard due to a number of reasons. The arch of the device may not contour correctly to your foot or the arch maybe too high, or the orthotic maybe too rigid. In most cases your Podiatrist should be able to minimize discomfort.

Do I have wear my orthotics all the time?
Depending on the reason you have been prescribed orthotics will depend on when you are required to wear them. For many people orthotics maybe a temporary measure to treat a condition. For others, orthotics may only be required for certain activities such as running or sport.
Will I have to wear orthotics for the rest of my life?
Depending on the reason you have been prescribed orthotics will determine how long you are required to wear your orthotics. Many people are only required to wear orthotics while receiving treatment for a condition. Your Podiatrist will advise you on how long you will be required to wear your orthotics for.
How do I know what is the right orthotic for me?
Your Podiatrist can offer you a range of different orthotic options depending on your needs and budget. These range from prefabricated orthotics, semi-custom orthotics to custom made orthotics designed specifically for you from a 3D scan of your foot. If you are unsure what orthotic is best for you speak to your Podiatrist.
Will I need to wear bigger shoes to fit my orthotic?
No, generally you do not require a larger size shoe as most orthotics can be made slim line to fit your shoes. In some cases, you may require shoes with slightly more depth to accommodate the height of the orthotic.
Do I need orthotics if I have flat feet?
Not all people with flat feet require orthotics. However, if you are experiencing pain related to flat feet, such as arch pain or sore heels (plantar fasciitis), orthotics may be able to help relieve your pain.
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