Diabetes Foot Care

Because of the dangerous effects diabetes can have on your feet, it is important that you see us every six months.


Diabetic blood sugar levels


Diabetes can have severe and potentially life threatening effects to your feet if your blood glucose (sugar) levels are left unchecked over long periods of time.  The good news is most of the dangerous effects diabetes have on your feet can be avoided by maintaining a healthy blood glucose level.

However, if blood glucose levels are left uncontrolled it can lead to loss of nerve function in your hands and feet. This condition is known as peripheral neuropathy.  Peripheral neuropathy causes a loss of protective sensation to your hands and feet.  This can result in loss of ability to sense harmful and painful interferences with your feet such as blistering or for example if a stone becomes stuck inside your shoe.

diabetic foot care


Another problem encountered by diabetics with poorly controlled blood glucose levels, is the development of reduced blood flow to hands and feet also known as poor circulation.  Your feet require blood to supply energy and nutrition to muscles, tendons, bones, and skin.

When poor circulation occurs in the feet, it reduces the ability of the feet to heal even small cuts and blisters. The combination of peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation can result in amputation.  For example a blister may go unnoticed on diabetic’s foot due to a loss of protective nerve sensation.  Then because of poor circulation and loss of ability to heal that blister, it may become infected leading to a severe ulcer that will not heal.

diabetic foot care


Because of the dangerous effects diabetes can have on your feet if left unchecked, it is important that you see a podiatrist every six months to have your nerve function and blood circulation checked.

At Showgrounds Village Podiatry our Podiatrists will check the pulses, capillary refill and skin temperature of your feet for good blood flow. If our Podiatrist notices any signs of poor blood flow to your feet we will perform either a Doppler wave form study (to check how much blood is being pumped down to your feet) or a test known as an ankle brachial index (ABI) or toe brachial index (TBI).

Diabetes foot assessment


Our Podiatrist will also check your nerve function by testing your ability to sense light touch, pressure, vibration and reflexes.  They will also check the general status of your feet and identify any risk factors to your feet such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and any at risk foot alignments/shapes.

At the end of your foot assessment our Podiatrist will make recommendations to you on how you can minimise the risk to your feet, and additionally send a written report to your doctor.


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